Yes, that’s Steven Tyler behind that silver snake-eye mask. He posed for this during a trip to Istanbul. Aerosmith was supposed to play a concert, but it was cancelled due to the worst mining disaster in Turkey’s history. Steven and his retinue stayed eight days anyway, saw all the sights, and graciously interacted with the people. This drawing was at a jeweler’s near the Car Wash in Karakoy. Steven and his people bought so much there that the jeweler was able to take a full month off to spend with her baby, who was born just a week later. He absolutely loved the Byzantine Car Wash, running his hands over the 800-year-old brickwork as his retinue stood transfixed across the street, gazing at the ancient bricks and saying, “This is SO COOL.”

Steven Snake-Eyes ©TriciVenola 5/14 Istanbul

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