How do we know it’s Dionysius? The god is often portrayed as a youth of 15, wearing red boots and a leopard skin. This is a teenaged body, and he’s got a skin tied around his headless neck and a high boot on his remaining leg. If I could look closely, I’ll bet there are traces of red in the creases of the boot. This statue is so beautiful, in contrast to the hashed reconstruction of Sulla’s monument in front, that I just had to draw it.

A million Chinese and Ausralian tourists watched me draw this. It was Anzac Day— 2015 [Centennial]
Sulla monument at Ephesus, described by one guide[book] as “a fake Cubist expression of the monument,” because of all the restorative cement. I drew it because of the lovely Dionysius at the back. ©TriciVenola 21April 2015

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