I still think that small silver doll-chain is Victorian. The figures look like they were drawn by John Tenniel for ‘Alice in Wonderland.” Ephesos was excavated all during the Victorian era, and this looks like a Victorian kid’s school prize that got stolen or lost and buried, to be dug up and dated by “experts.” Socrates, of course, is timeless. But where did he get that short upturned nose? Was he part African? All these figures were drawn in the Archeological Museum in Selçuk.

Ivory snapshot twice-size / Gold coin w/Bee / Boy and 3 girls “Alice” 3rd-7th C AD I DON’T THINK! Silver / Some Victorian kid dropped this during excavation / SOCRATES / c1850 Excavations from Ephesus / Lovely little terra-cotta figurine 18” ©TriciVenola 4/15

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