The sheer planes of these cliffs are saffron and cinnamon-colored, planed by the ancients before they carved their tombs. The rubble from the planing rises jagged and old at the bottom of the cliffs, while on either side are the gray-green masses of olive trees and brush. At the very bottom is pale green water full of rushes. I drew this from the balcony of a wonderful guest-house at the bottom of the cliff, right on the water, where I was treated to tea and fruit and every consideration as I drew. The logo of the guesthouse is a white cat with one blue eye and one green: a Van Cat, and their yard was full of cats and hammocks. Now that I can walk better, I am going back to stay there, and walk the trail up to the tombs.

All along the blazing hillside / Powerful dead gods in Dalyan ©TriciVenola 6 July 2015

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